Jeff Watson, County Councillor for Amble West with Warkworth.
Jeff Watson, The Unitary County Councillor
for Amble West with Warkworth, Acklington and Guyzance

If you wish to contact Jeff and you live in Amble West, Warkworth, Guyzance or Acklington
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As I write this Christmas seems a long time ago, but you may have noticed one thing remains, the floodlights on the Castle are still on. I arranged to leave them on for a while last year and as everyone seemed to like them I have done the same this year and intend to leave them on for a further few weeks at least. These lights are paid for by the Parish Council and with the cooperation of the County Council I plan to make them even better next year.

I am still working with the Highways department and hope to announce final plans to re surface the Dial Place area before long. Other traffic control measures are in the pipeline to help deal with the problems of a medieval village dealing with modern day traffic.

The development of Amble continues and you will have seen the opening of the new Amble Inn which was built by Advance Northumberland (which is the new name for Arch) and leased to the current operator. This development will offer a facility that doesn’t exist currently and is part of the strategy to improve the area. The plan for the Supermarket in Amble and the associated retail outlets is scheduled to go to the Planning meeting in February, I believe these facilities are long overdue here. I understand that the hotel alone will employ approximately fifty people and that nearly all of them will be local.

Finally, I was delighted to hear that Northumberland received the Gold Award for the best Tourism County in the U.K. This of course follows on from the wonderful T. V. programme about the village which was screened recently, perhaps Warkworth helped win this accolade! As ever I am available to you on:
07802385367 or email: jeffrey.watson@northumberland.gov.uk

Jeff Watson