Jeff Watson, County Councillor for Amble West with Warkworth.
Jeff Watson, The Unitary County Councillor
for Amble West with Warkworth, Acklington and Guyzance

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A consultation document will be circulated by NCC shortly on possible improvements to parking in the centre of Warkworth. Please will readers understand that this is a consultation only on possible improvements and will be followed by further discussions and meetings. Parking in the centre of the village is always a difficult subject and it may be that we can do very little to improve it but if we don’t try it won’t get better!

There is to be a trial of heritage type lighting improvements on two lamp standards, one at the bottom of Brewery Lane and the other one situated half way up Castle Street. If these efforts produce a lamp in keeping with the heritage style of the village then they could offer a way forward for the imminent amber lighting replacement works.

Many roads are in a poor condition due to the poor weather we have had recently but the highways team are working hard to fill in potholes and to make proper long lasting repairs to those areas which are regularly causing problems to motorists.

I have received notice of a further housing development on Acklington Road at the Amble end of the connecting back road from the Guildens in Warkworth. Once again we have a difficult situation with what I believe to be over development of our area and I will do what I can to question the cumulative effect on the area and infrastructure.

You may read in the Warkworth Parish Council notes that the situation appears to have changed regarding gabions being placed on the river bank on the Stanners by Northumberland Water and I am trying to ascertain the reasons why this change of plan was made.

Destructive work on hedgerows by Cussins has caused a lot of concern amongst residents of West Close in Warkworth and other residents of the village, I am pursuing the Planning Department to ensure that proper amends are made for the unfortunate and unauthorised work that has been carried out.

The overflow car Park at the Beach Road has opened for the Summer and the no overnight parking rule will be enforced by closing the area in the evening.

I am available

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County Councillor's Report -  April, 2018

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