Jeff Watson, County Councillor for Amble West with Warkworth.
Jeff Watson, The Unitary County Councillor
for Amble West with Warkworth, Acklington and Guyzance

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The car parking consultation in Warkworth has been completed and the Highways Department of N.C.C. presented a plan based on the findings.
The Parish Council and I discussed and accepted the plan with a few minor tweaks, it was recognised that not all the parking issues in Warkworth would be solved by this plan although it would help. As mentioned in my previous report, residents parking was just not possible even if desired.
I understand the plans have gone to the Design Team of the council and that final plans will be displayed for residents to see.
The main points of the plan are as follows.
3 x 20-minute short stay parking bays outside the Post Office.
Removal of motor cycle bays and realigning of spaces in Dial Place.
Paring bay delineation in Dial Place and the area outside Hotspur court.
Correctly sized disabled parking bays.
Removal of a section of the double yellow lines at the top of Castle Street and outside the old Parish Rooms off Dial Place.
Better, clearer signage to the Beach Road Car Park.

A safe crossing point on Guildens Road outside Warkworth school is something I have been working on for some time. I am pleased to say that my request has made it to the provisional list of Highways plans for next year. I hope to get this funded and finally agreed in the next few weeks. I am having an individual meeting with officers in late November to ensure there is no problem and that this work will be carried out as soon as is possible.
Churchill Way in Acklington has been included in a list of micro surfacing works for the Road Maintenance team as has Warkworth Avenue, Warkworth. I shall pursue these plans to make sure they happen.
The final lighting plans for Heritage style street lights in the centre of Warkworth have been agreed with the P.C. and includes the help of a £12,000 contribution from my members’ small schemes fund. These plans will entail the removal of most of the lights from houses in the village centre and being replaced with very similar lamp posts to those in the centre of Dial Place (although not as tall) This work is to be carried out in the Spring.

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Jeff Watson