Dear Friends,

All the celebration and excitement are over, Pentecost has past and we are now in the season called “Ordinary Time”.  That in itself sounds a bit dull and the prospect of being in this season until Advent seems like a very long time stretching out in front of us.  But this is the season of the church year we hear about the works of Jesus and the disciples in the building of the church.  It is a time of focusing, strengthening and building our discipleship in the church and in our work outside the church.
Pentecost was a big deal.  When you read about it sometimes it seems less than what it was, as the passage of time so often does to events.  But imagine:  mighty winds, flames, tongues of fire and people speaking in tongues.  Crowds in awe and wonder, the disciples energized and focused on their task ahead – to spread the word, the Good News of Jesus Christ to all the world.  
I always think the true test of a movement is what happens after the euphoria is over.  After the winds and the fire comes the quiet.  For in the quiet God’s voice is heard.  But so often in the quiet that is when we fall away, when we doubt, when we forget what we’re about.   It is a testament to the disciples and the early church that when the quiet came they did not fall away, they got to work.  They were driven and felt the presence of the Holy Spirit with them as they did the day to day work of being a people of faith.  Let us also not forget that they persevered in circumstances that meant their lives were in danger. 
After Pentecost comes Ordinary Time, that time of quiet when we are supposed to be working and spreading the Good News.  A time when we are supposed to be growing in our discipleship.  A time when we are supposed to be sharing the love of Christ with others. 
If done right, it is far from quiet and far from ordinary.


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Minister and Officers
Minister Rev. Joan E. Grindrod Helmn
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Church Correspondence and
Synod Representative
Mrs Margaret Gibson
Worship Secretary Miss Hilga Peacock
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Readers Rota Ms Lindy Conway
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Hall Bookings Mrs Soo Brooks
Christian Aid Representatives Max and Maureen Shepherd
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Treasurer Mrs Sally Black
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Organists Dr Geoff Brooks and
Mr Paul Toward
Fabric Convener Minutes at present Miss Jan Archibald
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Services and Meetings

Most Sundays
Service in Warkworth Church
10.30 a.m.

Please check the "Dates for your Diary" page for more information.

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Flower Rota



Do remember that our flowers continue to give pleasure to others after they are taken from the Communion Table. We receive most appreciative messages from those who are enjoying the flowers and appreciate being remembered.

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Shilbottle Transport Rota

Please contact Jan when you need transport

01665 711 304


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Many of you will recall the letter which Paddy enclosed with your Free Will Offering Envelopes. He felt that many may still have doubts about "Gift Aiding" their Weekly giving so he has produced the following:

To anyone who pays Income Tax
We hear a lot about GIFT AID and some people are nervous about it

Perhaps they remember the covenants in the past where one had to commit yourself to paying a certain sum to charity every year for seven years. The charity could then reclaim tax. People were, not surprisingly, wary of this long term commitment. But all that has gone. In 1990 the Chancellor introduced Gift Aid for larger donations. Ten years later Gift Aid was expanded to cover all donations to charity of whatever size.
NO STRINGS ATTACHED - gift Aid is applied to the individual donation. There is no long term commitment.


The Government have announced an intention to reduce basic rate Income Tax to 20%. (I've used this figure as it's easier to calculate)

You give a donation to a charity of
If you pay tax at the standard rate, then, in order to get £10 in your pocket you will have earned £12.20
i.e. Gross Earnings
Less Tax at 20%
Money in your pocket

If you Gift Aid your £10 donation the charity can reclaim from the Treasury the £2.50 paid in tax.

So for every pound you give the charity gets an extra 25p



All you have to do is fill in a Gift Aid form with your name and address, stating that you are a UK tax payer, you wish the charity to reclaim the tax and you pay in tax at least as much as your total Gift Aid. (Phone Jan Archibald 01665 711304 for form.)

If for any reason you wanted to cancel a Gift Aid declaration you can at any time.

Paddy Conway

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Remember – old folks are worth a fortune – with silver in their hair, gold in their teeth, stones in their kidneys and gas in their stomachs.

I have become a little older since I saw you last and changes have come into my life. I am quite a frivolous old girl!!! I am seeing five gentlemen each day.

As soon as I wake up, Will Power helps me get out of bed and then I go to see John. Next, it’s time for Mr Quaker who gives me my oats. They leave and Arthur Ritis shows up and stays the rest of the day. He doesn’t stay in one place very long, so he takes me from joint to joint. After such a busy day I am ready for bed with Johnny Walker.

What a life – and oh yes – I am flirting with Al Zymer. The vicar came the other day and said that at my age I should be thinking about the hereafter.  I told him, “Oh I do. No matter where I am, if I am in the kitchen or upstairs or in the basement, I ask myself – ‘Now what am I here after?’”

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Revd Joan Grindrod-Helmn M.A., Mdiv.