Dear Friends,

Over the years you may or may not have learned something about me, I sometimes get fixated on things.  Usually they have to do with the minutia of life.  This latest episode occurred when I was preparing for our Easter services.  I was struck by the description in John about the inside of the tomb, specifically the linen wrappings.  There was also a linen cloth or napkin that covered Jesus’ face, separate and neatly folded.
Well, somehow this led me to the “etiquette of the table”.  Being American I realize I was woefully brought up knowing none of this stuff – how to place your knife and fork at different points during a meal to indicate specific things.    I did not know that horizontal knife and fork pointing to the right means the meal was very good or that upside down and crossed means the service was bad.  The crossed knife and fork apparently means I am ready for the next course.  I wonder if our local restaurant servers know these signals?   But there is also table etiquette when it comes to napkins.  Neatly folded on the table means I am pausing, neatly folded or draped on my seat means I am coming back, crumpled on the table means I have left and am not returning.  I’ll bet you all know this!

That linen napkin in the tomb that had covered Jesus’ face, it was neatly folded on its own.  In a very intimate way it reminded me that Jesus was gone and they would see his face no longer.  But he would return, he was coming back and one day we would see him again.  I suppose that is the hope of the resurrection.  After the bells and eggs and flowers and pomp of Easter, when it all goes quiet again, we are left with a hope.  There is more to this life than we can know or imagine.  The cloth was neatly folded, he will come back.  We have not been left on our own.  The meal isn’t over.


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Minister and Officers
Minister Rev. J. Grindrod-Helmn
Church Correspondence and
Synod Representative
M. Gibson
Worship Secretary H. Peacock
Readers Rota L. Conway
Hall Bookings S. Brooks
Christian Aid Representatives M. and M. Shepherd
Treasurer S. Black  
Organists G. Brooks and
P. Toward
Fabric Convener Minutes at present J. Archibald

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Services and Meetings

Most Sundays
Service in Warkworth Church
10.30 a.m.

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Flower Rota


5th May 2019 W. Nicoll
12th May 2019 I. Frater
19th May 2019 W.J. Dodd
26th May 2019 Vacancy
2nd June 2019 J. Robinson

Do remember that our flowers continue to give pleasure to others after they are taken from the Communion Table. We receive most appreciative messages from those who are enjoying the flowers and appreciate being remembered.

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Dates for your diary
5th May 2019 Songs of Praise service 10:30
12th May 2019 Christian Aid Service led by
Rev. J. Grindrod-Helmn
19th May 2019 Anniversary Service
Preacher: Rev. Ruth Crofton
Followed by lunch
Thursday 23rd May 2019 Joint Elders' Meeting,
St. James's
26th May 2019 Service led by
Rev. J. Grindrod-Helmn
2nd June 2019 Service led by
Rev. June Barras


Remember – old folks are worth a fortune – with silver in their hair, gold in their teeth, stones in their kidneys and gas in their stomachs.

I have become a little older since I saw you last and changes have come into my life. I am quite a frivolous old girl!!! I am seeing five gentlemen each day.

As soon as I wake up, Will Power helps me get out of bed and then I go to see John. Next, it’s time for Mr Quaker who gives me my oats. They leave and Arthur Ritis shows up and stays the rest of the day. He doesn’t stay in one place very long, so he takes me from joint to joint. After such a busy day I am ready for bed with Johnny Walker.

What a life – and oh yes – I am flirting with Al Zymer. The vicar came the other day and said that at my age I should be thinking about the hereafter.  I told him, “Oh I do. No matter where I am, if I am in the kitchen or upstairs or in the basement, I ask myself – ‘Now what am I here after?’”

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Revd J. Grindrod-Helmn M.A., Mdiv.